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The Peepers are back !

They’re BACK !!  Spring is officially around the corner.  While visiting dad the other evening, you couldn’t miss the distinctive sound of the frogs (peepers) in the swamp.  What a welcome sound!  Warm weather is right around the corner ! Yay !


The Shoes We Wear

shoes and the hats we wear

The Shoes We Wear….

This past week has been a particularly lazy one.  Or has it? If judging by my pile of shoes, one would think so… but upon careful examination I saw something completely different.  The complexity of the pile.

The pile consisted of the following…

*My “merrells,” used for outdoor foul weather and keeping my feet safe and dry.

*My dress boots for comfort and dressing up an occasion but still casual

*My black sketchers, comfortable, easy to slip into, discreet and unassuming.  Will fit with just about everything – my what I call “Daily Drivers”

*My Workout tennis shoes, low to the ground, supportive, typically not something worn when not going to the gym.

…. and last but not least…. my camouflage glitter, fur lined slippers which are currently on my feet.

Again, to the untrained eye, this seems like the height of laziness… plopping down on the couch and flipping off the shoes.  To me it represents a week full of activity… going from one thing to the next with a pitstop in-between and getting a lot accomplished….

  • The Merrells – A trip to the island, climbing over rocks, boulders, and walking on the sand in February.  Climbing on and off the boat without worry of slippage.  Trudging through water soaked pathways to get to the other side of the island.  Spending a full morning out in elements that normally would have produced cold, wet feet, and ending it warm and dry.
  • The Boots – A dinner out with a friend, where I was able to dress “up” vs my daily commute across the hall to my desk where bunny slippers and a t-shirt are completely acceptable.
  • The Sketchers – Being able to freely move about my day, essentially barefoot.  Because of their ease and comfort, at any given moment they are discarded to enjoy the glory of being barefoot, yet can easily be slipped back on for protection or warmth considering the calendar date.
  • The Workout Shoes – Validate that yes, I have participated in taking care to focus on my health and show up for Me.
  • …. and then The Slippers… my overall comfort… a gift from my friend, more as a joke than anything because they are just so darned obnoxious, to be used at least once in my weekly shoe picture with my dad… (another blog post) – they are now my go to in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night… go to the pool, go outside for a minute, go from the couch to the kitchen, shoe.

So what’s the big deal about shoes?  They, like hats define us, where we are and what we are doing.  Wearing the right shoes, is just like having the right tool for a job or wearing an identifiable hat.  They SAY what we are doing.

Obviously they should’t be in a pile, in my living room, beside the couch.  However, if I hadn’t breathed for a moment and looked around me – this writing would never have materialized, so I feel justified, and have now returned them to their proper home.

So the next time you put on your shoes… vs. your hat, from your head to your toe.  What are you doing?  What path are you walking? Do you have the right tools for the job? Are you walking in the right direction?

THERE is the Question to ask yourself…  

Are you walking in the right direction on the path that gives you the most fulfillment, with the right tools?  

If the answer is no.  Perhaps you should go shoe shopping.


The Power of Suggestion

Where ever you go, there you are….

The Power of Suggestion.

I hear the coffee brewing.  Even though bedtime came early for me the night before because of an allergy attack, I can begin to smell it’s aroma.  

I hear “happiness.”  I smell “joy.”

I look forward to it’s “taste.”  I am content in being patient in the moment.  The moment as the fan for the stove kicks on forcing warm air into a cold room.

I turn on a sound file that I recorded while on vacation.  At first it only sounds like white noise.  Something our entire existence reflects.  White noise.  Everything else is tuned out ~ until I hear it.  I hear them.  It’s quiet except for the brewing of a fresh pot of coffee and the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.  The warm air blows and I cover my feet with a blanket.  I am as good as there.  As close as I can be in my current moment.

I am at peace.

Some of what you really need can be right at your fingertips.  Often, we are so busy looking for “it” that we miss “IT.”

Love – Peace – Joy

We hear what we tune into.

What are you listening “for.”


Shedding a Layer

shed a layerThis week I have begun to peel a little from the sun I received while in FL a week ago.  Although I never felt “burnt” or as if I had received “too much” sun, my body felt the need to “shed” the top layer.

Metaphorically speaking, I see it as stepping out of one skin and into another.  Although the current temperature outside will not allow me to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I know the time is right around the corner.

I sit and reflect on this layer that bit by bit is peeling away revealing the new, the fresh.  I am excited to let go of things that have been holding me back.  I am excited to begin again, to pick up where I left off.  The winter seems to slow things to a crawl for me.  Not only my body, but my mind.  I tend to go within.  Reflect2Renew.  As much as I despise it, It’s needed – the winter that is…  I only wish it wasn’t as extended and as extreme as my body feels every ache and pan that being alive for 50 years brings.  going away last week has given new perspective.  I realize it is necessary to feel the cold – maybe not on such a continuous basis, but necessary.  It’s necessary to miss something to such an extreme, so when it returns your appreciation is even greater.  Considering we are in the Lenton season, this can be understood and applied as well.  Restraint comes to mind… Not sure how it factors in… just comes to mind.

As I reach around to rub an itch on my shoulder, I am again reminded of the layer leaving.  The discomfort of dryness that winter brings.  I know that with the return of warmth, will return the humidity.  Something those who love the cold, hate.  The humidity will soften my skin and replenish it’s moisture without any extra effort by me.  There’s that word – “effort.”  Something I am focusing on for 2016.  Balance and Effort.

So in order, to feel better in my own skin, I need to take effort in applying extra coconut oil or lotion to allieviate the physical and mental symptoms of the striss on my body brought on by the cold air.  In taking a little extra time for me, not only will I find comfort, I will find balance during a time when I am not in control of my environment.

Take time for the little things that could make all the world of difference to the big picture.  So, as this layer leaves, a new one is ready to emerge.  Fresh, renewed, relieved, rejuvenated.


#sheddingalayer #thebigpicture #chooseyou #newskin #bewhoUr #reflect2renew


Giving/Receiving Love… with Limits

“I love you… but….”

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, there is a lot of focus on Love.

All my life I have heard lessons of Loving Unconditionally.  Put no conditions on those you love.  Love them for who they are in the uniqueness of which they vibrate.  Easy enough? Right?  In some cases yes, others unconditional love just doesn’t happen and better suited for another writing.

Today’s thought is on Giving and Receiving Love, WITHOUT Limits.  I am talking about what we ALLOW ourselves to give and what we allow ourselves to receive.

First, let’s visit what we allow ourselves to give.  We are given the ability to Love freely, and equally.  For various reasons, we don’t.  Our life experiences cause us to react in many different ways. We love with limits.  There are lines drawn in the sand and unspoken boundaries set.

When we invest time in people, it is human nature to feel that as a tribe, they will return this investment in us.  When they do not, it is hurtful.  We recoil. We limit the next time the amount of effort put into the relationship. We limit what the future for that relationship is — we begin to feel time spent, is better spent where it is more effective for the greater good.

Reciprocal Love and Respect —

Finding a balance in the give and take of a relationship is sometimes a little sketchy.

Ah, the receiving part.  It is better to give than to receive. Although this is very accurate, it is also unrealistic.  Face it, Love just makes you feel good.  So of course, by all means, we all want it! And a lot of it! Don’t show me the money… Show me the LOVE !

Friendship vs. Professional
What is your position? Where do you find yourself in a relationship with someone? Is it strictly a business/professional relationship? Or does love factor in?  If love factors in – is it reciprocal? Do you feel an allegiance to a business or a person, and why? Is each person vested in the same outcome? Does one expect more from the relationship than the other?

love falls out of your hand

“You are the most unique person I have ever met. You are so talented .  I am not going to support you though.”  You feel the love, right in the palm of your hand, you grip it, you hold it and at that moment, you reach out to grasp another’s hand in comradery, it reaches forward and bites you, and slits a vein of hope and trust in your wrist.

What is this thing called love when paired with the female species trying to get ahead in this world?

What is a business friendship vs a friendship? Does “going through” something together change an outlook or outcome?

How do you know where you stand in this “business friend relationship” when someone states “they love you,” yet they do not support you? My friend, that is love with limits. And there is certainly a difference. This is truly simply a business friendship – there is no love lost because there has been no love given.  The boundaries have been set.  Yes, they “love” – with limits, therefore, it is not love in it’s purest of form.  It is merely dutiful.

What is your definition of loyalty? Business vs. Personal. Dividing the two.

Emotion – when it’s important to leave it out?

Men vs Women – Friendships, vs Love, vs Loyalty vs Business

Men…men, don’t worry about this stuff.

How do you fix this?  Roll your sleeves up and dig in.  Do the work. Love.  Love without Limits.  Know who you are, and where you come from – surround yourself with Love – and #believe … #believeinLove.



Letting Go – Let Life

Believe in LoveLetting Go – Let Life 

Sometimes the things we hold onto the tightest are the things that are preventing us from moving forward to things that are greater.

Let go of inhibitions.  Let go of what you think things “should be.”  Let go of perceptions.

– Spread Love –

Believe in Love, as the message displayed during this years Super Bowl halftime show. Each person holding a card of some sort, and on cue, displayed it.  

That was the message.

Believe in Love.

 believe in love


Rinse – Repeat.

Rinse – Repeat 

Years ago, I learned the technique of Rinse. Repeat.  This was during the time in my life when you read every ounce of instruction on beauty products, because, after all – it May make a DIFFERENCE !  Shampoo was just as important.  
rinse repeat
As we grow, and. Mature. And. Gain age acquired wisdom, we learn what works for us ~ and what does not.  We make adjustments along the way and tailor things to our own needs.  One thing in particular, Rinse. Repeat.

What is the outcome/effect if you “don’t.”  Life in many ways can lend itself to this analogy.  The process of “Do-overs” is often a chance to “Do-Better.”  A second chance.  An opportunity.  A new beginning.

We go through life experiences, some we like ~ others no so much.  If they are in the “not so much” category, then why oh why would we ever want the repeat option?  Maybe in “rinsing” or cleansing we would approach it with a different outlook – which ultimately would create a different outcome.  Cleansing can be done and interpreted many different ways which I will leave up to you.

My point here, is to make adjustments as you go.  If you don’t like it ~ if it doesn’t bring you joy ~ Stop.  If it is something that puts a smile on your face.  

Rinse. Repeat.