tree poseWhat makes this tick.

Many walk a journey and stay on the road of conformity. There is often times when it is necessary to walk to the side of the road. If the road becomes rough and you fall – you pick yourself up – dust yourself off and if needed – start all over again. It’s not the failure in-between that matters – it’s the beginning again. These blogs are a small peek inside some of my deepest thoughts… sometimes they are stupid, really stupid and other times they are random thoughts flowing from my fingertips. They are Mine. Simply that. a look into my silent stare.
Often I will question authority.  Ridicule beliefs and just plain and simply have my own opinion on things.  I will ask the questions no one wants asked, and say the things others are afraid to speak up about.  
This blog is who I am.  The Good.  The bad. The ugly. And the Fantastic.  
carol davis
Awesome is a favorite word.  Because Life is… Life is just simply AWESOME.

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