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Reflection – Are you a part of the Flock, or a Flock all your own?

Reflection – Are you part of a flock?


Monday, August 24th, I boarded a plane bound for F-L-A to spend a week with friends, sand and surf. Nothing to do. Nowhere to be. Just to simply BE. And that I did. It was absolutely FAN-tab-ulous.

Most who see my posts, saw the daily fun and escapades. The closing down of restaurant’s and trying of new foods. Drink and festivities. Sun and sandy toes. There is no secret whatsoever that Carol absolutely loves to be sunkissed, have the sand between her toes and feel the warmth of the sun on her body, the less clothing the better. Just a fact. At one point, my feet were sore from walking in the sand. I think I exfoliated a quarter inch off my feet from walking the beach. I took a lot of photos. Some I shared. Others will be in my personal archive for a lifetime. Some are in my head for me to pull from when most needed.

One that I absolutely love … every time I look at it just speaks volumes to me, and causes me to sit and actually write about it. It’s the birds, shown here. There is so much going on in this shot. From one perspective to another. As I came upon these birds, I saw another woman simply taking photos of the birds. Obviously, she was happy with her shot, we exchanged pleasantries on the beach and moved along our way. I stood there. Looking at these birds. A whole community. And although I loved the shot. I was not IN LOVE with the shot. I needed something more. How could I possibly get “more” from this shot? Was it angle? Was it light? Was it background? If someone from afar was watching they would have surely thought I needed restraints, that something was wrong with this woman analyzing this flock of birds.Flock of Birds

…. I cued my trusty iphone to the camera app and took off running with arms outstretched holding it in both hands to steady and click click click click started firing off shots as the birds started to lift off because I was chasing them. THERE was the shot! I laughed the ENTIRE way.

What you see is my favorite.

I love how the storm is brewing to the right. I love how they are running from me creating the motion seen here. I love how some are hesitant – waiting until the last possible moment of danger or threat … making sure that this is the real deal before lifting off to go to safety… the risk takers.

And then I sit here this evening … on this Sunday night before Monday. Before others will groan with dismay about the morning, bound to begin soon. And I wonder… are you the one who flies in fright immediately? Are you the risk taker waiting until the last minute, gambling that things may just change for the better OR are you the person initiating change in your life and causing the FLOCK to fly?

What will be YOUR game changer in life? And what about that storm lingering off in the distance? Will it really materialize or will it in fact turn into God’s grace and beauty literally before your eyes… giving you insight and security that tomorrow will be a brighter day? Better than ever imagined?

Sometimes whether you realize it or not. Whether you look left or right – what you need to see is right before your eyes. And it’s really pretty darned amazing, if only you are willing to OPEN your eyes and accept what is before you.

……And then. I turned on my heal, and headed back in the direction that I had come…., realizing that what I set out to find (a beach littered with shells that didn’t turn out as expected because of the impending storm and tides) – and I felt this overwhelming urge to turn around, and look back again…

God Speaks all around us

….as if being tapped on the shoulder and someone saying “UM Hellllloooooo” …. I saw this shot above. I just stopped and breathed and I kid you not, after snapping this photo… that is when the pod of dolphins appeared


I realized that what you need is not that which can be held in the palm of your hand. It’s that which is held in your heart. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

Melissa Friess-Bailey and Thomas Bailey Thank you so much for including me in your journey and your last minute getaway.

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Eat Grapes and Slow Down in Life

Eat Grapes and Slow Down in Life

grapes how do you pick
Pick a bunch of grapes, or just one at a time?

While eating breakfast this morning I started to pull off a bunch of grapes from the stem.  It seemed easier to eat that way.  However, as I was eating them… I noticed that I went quickly and didn’t think about what I was doing, quickly popping more than one in my mouth as I was focused on doing other computer work.  Fortunately, I had not pulled all of them from the stems because, for me, I learned this morning… I need to pull one grape at a time and enjoy it. It’s the experience of selecting that grape.  Even though you will probably eat everyone of them… which one is next?

In my own experience having them pulled from the stem ahead of time caused me to feel as though the work was done for me.  It took me a moment to realize… that by pulling each individual grape off, one at a time.  I appreciated and enjoyed “that” particular grape that much more. Even though I had pulled a good little pile off initially, it was mindless, a quick repetitive action vs. direct and thoughtful.

How do you eat your grapes?  Do you first wash them? Drying carefully so as to not knock any off?  Do you just reach in and grab them plucking directly from the stem?  Is it boredom, hunger or need for nourishment? Is it purposeful.  LOL. Or are you thinking … “frankly Carol, I’ve never considered how I eat my grapes and you are weird.”

A lot can be said from eating grapes.  One at a time. And that in itself can be applied to our daily lives.  One grape at a time, plucked from the stem, as we are ready for it – and enjoying and being in the moment with it and reaping every benefit it dares to give and provide.

We are all so busy multi-tasking.  It’s what society expects us to do.  It’s time to slow down. Be good at doing one thing at a time, for then you will finish your task at hand vs. having a lot of things started, and not completed.

My lessons for me this morning.  Slow down.  Enjoy what is in front of you vs. steamrolling through it to “just get it done.”  Savor the moment. Be good at one thing at a time, for then it will develop into several good things completed.

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My Winter Assignment

My Winter Assignment … January.2015
This is the second year I have been given a winter assignment, in the hopes of me “liking winter.”  It’s not a secret that I am NOT a fan of winter. To ease the pains of winter, my friend Missy challenged me to snow angels last year.

carol snow angel
Snow Angel Challenge 2014

I saw her challenge, and topped it with snow angels in a bikini… So this year, was photos of snowflakes… after a limited snow season, I was able to capture a few and so I begged for spring since the challenge was done. This morning brought another round of snow… Me being one for extra credit, … took the plunge, out to what some consider winter beauty, and captured a few more of these pesky little devils.

I must admit, I did loose track of time as I got excited each time a new one dropped and I could see it’s shape, different than the last one, the back of my camera. I noticed they melt very quickly, even though it is cold as the dickens (whatever that means, but I know it means COLD), they melt and loose their perfect Godlike shape VERY quickly. So you have to move fast… Here are but a few of the ones that I was able to capture before they turned to mush.
So it’s here that I have decided, that it is not the “snowflake” that I dislike so much, it is the ice and mush that it turns to upon falling to the earth. So – in other words, as long as they stay “heavenly” they are “OK” with me. Which brings me to a thought… “Snowflakes are angel kisses, sent from heaven but for a brief moment to share, and enjoy their silent beauty.”
 With that being said… for now… not for long – perhaps for as long as the snowflake retains it’s purity, grace and beauty, I will temporarily lay down my sword and succumb and admit that I enjoyed being out in the beauty of the snow this morning while capturing these. My hands frozen, I refused to go inside until I had taken “just one more.” Because indeed, each one is completely different from the last.
I close with a grateful heart and a loud begging cry, …. “can we please have warm weather now?!!?!?!” Afterall, I got the shot, again.
Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake