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The Wisdom of Silence in the Morning


How often do you sit and listen to the sounds surrounding you? The mindless energy that takes up a large portion of our thoughts? I like to rise early, have a cup of coffee in my “Seattle-mug” and think about how I will live out my day. It’s in the quiet moments that we often find our largest revelation of where we want to be, how we want to get there and who we want with us. It’s everyday that we have a chance to start over – and “make it right.” We may get stuck – but that is a part of the natural process. If we are stuck, maybe it is because there is something else that needs to be seen. Something we haven’t quite grasped or absorbed as much as needed.

Where are you in your life, and are you “stuck” on a particular paragraph, or are you moving forward? Is it time for you to rid yourself of the white noise, and listen to your inner you? If you were to listen… what would you hear? Is there a battle raging inside of you that you walk past on a regular basis because you don’t want to get involved, or is there peaceful harmony?

The birds, I hear singing. The sun is climbing. It’s time to put today in motion. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, therefore, today may be my only chance to make a difference. What will you do today?