The Power of Suggestion

Where ever you go, there you are….

The Power of Suggestion.

I hear the coffee brewing.  Even though bedtime came early for me the night before because of an allergy attack, I can begin to smell it’s aroma.  

I hear “happiness.”  I smell “joy.”

I look forward to it’s “taste.”  I am content in being patient in the moment.  The moment as the fan for the stove kicks on forcing warm air into a cold room.

I turn on a sound file that I recorded while on vacation.  At first it only sounds like white noise.  Something our entire existence reflects.  White noise.  Everything else is tuned out ~ until I hear it.  I hear them.  It’s quiet except for the brewing of a fresh pot of coffee and the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.  The warm air blows and I cover my feet with a blanket.  I am as good as there.  As close as I can be in my current moment.

I am at peace.

Some of what you really need can be right at your fingertips.  Often, we are so busy looking for “it” that we miss “IT.”

Love – Peace – Joy

We hear what we tune into.

What are you listening “for.”


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Carol Davis

An artist her entire life, Carol embraced her calling and now devotes her time to her family and her love of photography and writing. Writing #dailypages and creating #art365, she shares her love of all around her on the small and larger scale of things. You will find her in the mornings on the porch, cup of coffee, listening to the melody of the chimes as they swing in the morning sun. What comes from these quiet moments alone, is sometimes life changing, and often full of wit and wisdom.


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